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Product Ref: A151U09051

Uvex 9301.317 Ultrashield Face Protection Clear Polycarbonate

RRP: £13.43

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UPC: 4031101067858

Uvex Visor Ultrashield Face Shield Protection Clear Polycarbonate Ventilated

For use with Uvex Ultravision safety goggles.

Unique lower face polycarbonate shield that attaches to the Ultravision goggle providing increased protection to the wearer.

The Uvex Ultrashield is a polycarbonate, lower face shield that attaches to Uvex Ultravision Safety Goggles

It provides increased facial protection for the user.

The face shield offers general protection against over-spray, not designed for medium energy impact protection.

Uvex 9301.317 Ultrashield Face Protection certified to: EN166 B.



  • AS/ NZS 1337 medium impact approved
  • The UVEX Ultrashield face shield is not a breathing filter.
  • Close and pressure-free fit
  • Additional protection against coarse particles

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