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Product Ref: A080S30002

Sievi Solid XL+ Fur Lined S3 Side Zip Safety Boots ESD 52271-353

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These Sievi Solid safety boots are Fur-lined for warmth.

They have a Side Zip, for easy access.

They include a steel toecap and midsole.

They are resistant to oil and most chemicals, water repellant.

They are ESD anti-static.

ENISO 20345 S3, ESD level.



  • Steel Toecap: Protects toes from falling objects and compression. Its shock resistance is 200 Joules and resistance to compression: 15,000 Newtons. It has an external toe scuff protector.
  • Steel midsole: Prevents sharp objects from penetrating through the sole. Its resistance to nail penetration is 1100 Newton.
  • Antistatic: Footwear equipped with antistatic design discharges the static electricity accumulating over the body. The tolerances of the resistor are 100 kilo Ohms - 1000 mega Ohms.
  • ESD: Light and snug ESD boots are a controllable and safe method of discharging the static electricity accumulating over your body.
  • Warm lining Footwear equipped with this symbol can be worn in cold conditions. The material keeping the cold out is lamb's wool /artificial material. In addition, part of the range is lined with effective Thinsulate® fibre.
  • Water-repellent: Sievi uses water-repellent leather. Its water resistance meets the requirements of the EN 345 standard. Zipper: Has a useful side zipper, for ease of donning, and extra safety.
  • Energy absorbency: The sole structure designed by Sievi provides the footwear with good energy absorbency which prevents shocks from causing damage to feet, knees and back. The patent nitrile rubber sole withstands heat up to 300 °C.
  • Conforms to: EN ISO 20345 S3

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