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Scott Safety Promask Negative Pressure Full Face Mask Size M-L


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Scott Safety Promask Negative Pressure Full Face Mask Size M-L

Scott’s Promask, a multi-function full face mask provides unrivalled comfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards.

Promask utilises a T-profile face-seal design, which provides a highly efficient seal with minimal pressure on the face. Computer designed air path channels provide exceptionally low airflow resistance, reducing fatigue even for long periods of use.

Promask incorporates a wide panoramic visor to maximise the field of vision and a front mounted speech diaphragm for easy communication with colleagues.

The special inner mask reduces CO2-content (< 0.5%) within the mask to a minimum, thereby decreasing user fatigue.

The design prevents the visor from misting by directing the airflow across the visor.

The positioning of the filter reduces the likelihood of neck strain and permits good downward visibility

Connector tread: 40mm

Weight: 530g

Size: M-L

Conforms to: EN 136 EN 12942 TM3

Filter cartridges to be purchased separately

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