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Product Ref: 4120200

Vileda 102750 Miraclean Sponge Scourer Small Pack of 12


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Vileda 102750 Miraclean Sponge Scourer Small Pack of 12

Efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning power without the use of detergents or chemicals use the sponge with water only.

Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, it saves you money and is also suitable for surfaces that are delicate, or in poorly ventilated areas.

The Vileda Miraclean sponge removes persistent grime and marks (e.g Heel Marks, Pen Marks, Crayon Marks and Permanent Marker) from Laminates, Plastics, Ceramics, Painted Surfaces, Lacquered Surfaces, Marble, Formica, Wood, Granite, Chrome, Stainless Steel etc.

Always moisten the Miraclean Sponge, never use dry. Rinse after use, and lightly squeeze to dry.

If using on or near electrical goods, be very careful not to over-wet.

The sponge functions best on smooth, hard surfaces; it can be used on rougher surfaces but will wear away faster.

Always test an inconspicuous area of the surface to be cleaned prior to use.

Dimension 1 item: 10cm x 6cm x H 2.8cm

Pack of 12

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