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Product Ref: 22203-35994

Dunlop Purofort Explorer Thermo + C922033.05 Unisex Safety Wellington Boots

RRP: £160.51

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The Purofort Explorer Thermo + is a full safety and heavy duty Wellington from Dunlop.

A tough and hard wearing wellington used in a wide variety of outdoor applications.

The Vibram® Fire and Ice Sole has a high range of temperatures (-20ºC to +250ºC) .

The Thermo+ insulation provides fantastic cold protection up to -50º C.

Tough, durable sole is resistant against minerals, animal and plant oils and fats, fertilizer, acids, disinfectants, solvents, various chemicals .

Contoured upper for a great leg fit.

Used in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceutical, oil, gas and mining sectors

A top quality wellington made from durable, hard wearing materials.



  • Flexible Purofort shaft
  • High quality industrial compound
  • Oil & seawater resistant
  • Thermo+ insulation
  • Antistatic
  • Toe protection
  • Complies with CI+HI+HRO+CR+AN+SRC safety standards
  • Maximum traction

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