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Product Ref: 15PX201

3M Peltor X2P3 Earmuffs Helmet Mounted SNR=30dB Yellow


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UPC: 04046719695485

3M Peltor X2P3 Earmuffs Helmet Mounted SNR=30dB Yellow

The X4 protects against high noise levels, within their modern, sleek, low profile, aesthetically pleasing design.

Extremely slim and light-weight cups help to improve compatibility when used with other Personal Protective Equipment.

New specially formulated damping pads and innovative foam contained in the sealing ring provide excellent acoustic protection, particularly against sounds dominated by low frequencies.

Reduces noise levels up to 30 dB

Helmet mounted P3E version with robust metal arms

Colour-coding makes it easy to identify the level of protection being worn

Slim cups offer improved compatibility with other safety equipment

Wide soft ear cushions help workers stay comfortable

Designed to optimise weight distribution and balance for outstanding comfort

ABS plastic cups are rigid, high strength and impact resistant

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) soft outer cup coating protects from abrasion and bumps

Net Weight: 220g

Attenuation: Headband: SNR=30dB, H=33dB, M=28dB, L=19dB

Conform to: EN 352-3:2002

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