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Product Ref: 1418000

Honeywell N06575001 Filter Cartridges A2P3 Pack of 4 Pairs


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UPC: 3603830343032

Honeywell Filter Cartridges A2P3 Pack of 4 Pairs

The A2P3 cartridge is part of the wide range of cartridges offered to protect against many hazardous gases, vapours and/or particulates in many applications.

The Honeywell range provides high quality and a cost-effective protection.

The cartridges of Honeywell range are tested against standard EN14387.

Lightweight for optimal comfort

Lower profile for a wider field of vision

Treaded connector to be easy to attach

Small opening makes it easy to check up

Conditions of use:

Temperature range: -10C/+40C

Maximum humidity: 90% RH

Restrictions of use:

In an explosive atmosphere.

If the concentration of oxygen is less than 19.5% by volume or in an oxygen enriched environment.

If the package unsealed or damaged.

Conform to: EN 14387 EN certificate A2-A2P3.

Package of 4 pairs

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