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Scott SafetyScott Safety

Product Ref: 1073115

Scott Safety 1073115 Kit For Protector Powered Respirator

RRP: £240.52

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Scott Safety Protector Powered Respirato Kit 1073115

Blower Belt, Flow Tester and Instruction Manual for Protector Powered Respirator

Positive Pressure Power System

A power unit designed to provide filtered air for the complete range of Tornado head tops.

An intelligent electronic management system ensures battery and filter life are maximised.

With 15 power levels, the unit monitors airflow and optimises flow rates.

As the filters begin to clog the unit automatically increases power to compensate.

Should the battery level become low or the filters clog, an audible and visual warning is given.

Filter adapter 217-1845 required to fit 2 / 3 filters to the power unit.

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