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Product Ref: 1010421

Honeywell 1010421 Howard Leight Mach 1 Headband Earmuff

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UPC: 7312550104217

Honeywell 1010421 Howard Leight Mach 1 Earmuff

Improved communication by blocking hazardous noise while voice and signal frequencies can be heard more naturally.

Its low attenuation provides ideal protection for workers exposed to low levels of hazardous noise, eliminating risk of over protection in marginal noise environments and additional hazards in the workplace.

The Howard Leight Mach 1 is an economical choice for basic hearing protection in short-term work situations.

Adjustable headband fits any head size, while its super-lightweight dielectric construction provides adequate protection.



  • ECONOMICAL DESIGN: Provides adequate protection at a low cost.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Extremely lightweight construction provides for all-day comfort.
  • DIELECTIRC CONSTRUCTION: Suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments.
  • SNR 24 dB. (H 29 dB, M 21 dB, L 14 dB)

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